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HISHAM MELHEM is the Washington bureau chief of Al-Arabiya, the Dubai based satellite channel.  He is also the correspondent for Annahar, the leading Lebanese daily.  For four years he hosted Across the Ocean, a weekly current affairs program on US-Arab relations for Al-Arabiya.

Mr. Melhem received his BA in Philosophy from Villanova University in 1976 and  was awarded the 1998 Alumni Medallion, an honor bestowed upon alumni of the University for exceptional professional and personal achievements.  From 1976 to 1979, Mr. Melhem enrolled in the Philosophy Department at Georgetown University for a doctorate degree.

Mr. Melhem's writings appeared in publications ranging from the literary journal Al-Mawaqef to the Los Angeles Times, and in magazines as Foreign Policy;  Middle East Report;  Middle East Insight; and Middle East Policy.  He is the author of Dual Containment: The Demise of A Fallacy, published by the Center for Contemporary Arab Studies at Georgetown University.  In addition, Mr. Melhem appears regularly on the News Hour with Jim Lehrer, Nightline, Good Morning America, CNN, MSNBC, The Charlie Rose Show, and National Public Radio.

Mr. Melhem speaks regularly at college campuses, think-tanks and interest groups on US-Arab relations, political Islam, intra-Arab relations, Arab-Israeli issues, media in the Arab World, Arab images in American media , U.S. public policies and the Arab World, and other related topics.

Mr. Melhem has interviewed many American and international public figures, including President George W. Bush, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, among others. Mr. Melhem had the first formal interview (one-on-one) with President Barack Obama on January 26, 2009, a week after the Inauguration.


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Fantastic program. Loved the fact that perspectives from both sides were given (i.e. Arab/Israeli). Mr. Melhem was the perfect choice for a moderator! R. DeGroot, Department of Defense


This program was exceptional, not least because Hisham was excellent, a native (originally!), and deeply involved and passionate. Very impressive. B. Jackson, Department of Defense


Very thought-provoking. Mr. Melhem’s ability to relate to all areas made this a very enjoyable workshop. J. Cook, Department of Defense